Monday, February 20, 2017

About Desmond Ong

If your desire is weak, nothing is going to work for you.
- Desmond Ong

Believe it or not, I spoke to Desmond on the phone before (actually it was on skype). 

We were doing a coaching call together and during the session, he helped me breakthrough many of the barriers I had about the internet business.

For example, for the longest time ever, I never had the courage to sell my own products because I felt I wasn't "good enough." 

He helped me to understand that its really not about me, but rather the value I could deliver to the market that matters. This little snippet of the call was important to help me understand that I REALLY could be the one to deliver products to the market. 

Of course, he goes through a similar blueprint in the Golden Goose System (GGS) too.

Anyway, this post isn't about me.

I just wanted to write the above to thank Desmond for the wonderful coaching call we had. 

But more about him.

Did you know? 

Actually Desmond wasn't an overnight success. And just like many great people, he too came from humble beginnings. In GGS, Desmond talks a little about his background and where he came from.

When he first started out marketing online, he was also a nobody and had no money. So, to pay for basic online tools like domain names and hosting, he worked as a restaurant bus boy making less than US$1 an hour (imagine that!). 

It was until he started blogging and being serious about the internet business that he started to see a modicum of success. 

And today, he is the marketing guru we all see.

Anyhow, I'm rambling and gonna stop. 

If you wanna learn more about Desmond and the recently launched GGS, you can check it out via this link here: 

I just wanna say he's a great guy and if you are looking for someone to teach you the ropes when it comes to owning an online business, Desmond's the guy.

Enjoy the rest of this blog! 

To your success,
Edwin Koh

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